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Economy and arts helps each other

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Arts helps the economy to think of new, interesting ideas that would interest and so would attract the user, to create new mechanisms, inovation, which to speed up production, even to create companies image advertisements, what attract a buyer. Therefore, in order to improve the economy need to consider economic development projects with a creative approach. Each company has its own individual style and design, what attracts buyers and so promotes the economy growth. For example, fearing budget cuts, Britain's culture secretary said in article 'Does Art Help the Economy?': That art begets economic growth. Clusters of culturally oriented businesses and workers can breed innovation and new specializations. Planners can develop projects that deliberately locate creative professionals in a facility or area. Art earn more money for the state. For example, in the article ‘How the art and culture sector catalyzes economic vitality‘ is written that arts and cultural activities in an area can draw crowds from within and around the community. Arts and cultural activity can increase attention and foot traffic to an area, including attracting visitors and increasing money they spend, thereby contributing to continued development. Especially, when foreigners come to rest. Also in the article 'Does Art Help the Economy? is written that arts supports the commercial creative industries, which account for 10 percent of the country's GDP. Art helps through innovation and dissemination ideas to increase wages and productivity. There are of course risks to an economic approach to the arts. If patronage is dole out on a monetary basis, we may miss out on important artists and artworks that may not appear likely to be a big success. However economy and art is realy related, if you want to interest and attract consumers. Arts help to develop economy.

       Another similarity, which has these areas, is that the economy helps to efficiently use the limited possibilities for artists like purposeful distribution of time and saving money. Also economic and social status of the environment is as inspiration to create. So, according to the article Art & Economics: Towards a Cultural Ecology 'arts reflect the political, economic and social problems. In today's world people still run 

out of time. They must hurry. Therefore, although choosing specialty arts, it is necessary to learn how to plan their time in order to achieve the target, even if it is a work of art. It is created for people who are interested to purchase a painting or a garment, or go to the theater, a concert as soon as possible and not to waste time waiting, because other people's time is also limited. And a customer who did not receive what he wanted on time, for a variety of everything in today's world, can always replace a one specialist to other. Various materials are needed for the arts. And in order to create the best possible work requires a lot of expensive tools. For example, in fashion design specialty the normal material for dress can cost considerably more expensive than in stores already sewn dress. Therefore it is necessary to look at an affordable price good materials, to spread your money as much as possible to spend. Economic knowledge is required for that. Also, when you want to create your own company, in which will be traded on the works of art, certain economic education is necessary. So, economy realy helps to foothold in today's world for artists, thst their work it would be useful and recognized.

In conclusion, economy and arts is very related to each other. Nowadays, a person has to be smart, to know as much as possible about everything. These two different areas help exploit their capabilities to one another as far as possible, that it would provide the most benefit and material and non-sense for people.

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