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Essay: The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management from the BBC World Service

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I was listening to The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management from the BBC World Service. They were discussing the works of Peter Drucker, ones of the great management thinkers. In Handy Guide next talk , they were discussing Warren's Bennis works on leadership. Also their were discusing about his book ,,Leaders“, which he wrote with his colleague Burt Nanus in 1985. For this book he interviewed 90 leaders in America from business organizations and non – profit organizations.
Peter Drucker's first great contribution was to focus on management as a discipline in its own right. He was suggesting that government should privatize many of its functions long before any nation actually did it. The ,,profit centre“ and the ,,knowledge worker“ were concepts first used by him.
He was the first to talk of ,,discontinuity“ the idea that the future is going to be completely different rather than more of the same. He invented the notion of ,,management by objectives“ and was writing about ,,decentralization“ at a time when most organizations were still behaving as if they were large country estates run by the owner.

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