Do we need artificial intelligence?

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Can you imagine your life without computer, mobile phone, mp3 player and some other popular techologies? I can't. New devices can make our life easier. Such innovation as Artificial Intelligence is very disscusive project. Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science which aims to create it. Some people have no idea what it is and do we need it. There are many pluses and minuses talking about AI. First of all, AI is a very fresh science form. There are many articles, studies and books written and science fiction movies made about it. When we imagine how AI could change our life and make it easier, we imagine that this would be the better future for us and our children. AI robots could speak, teach, do human tasks ( for example answer the phone ) and so on, but if it's really necessary to change human hand work to robot work. New technologies are growing so fast, we need to look ahead, if we stop seeking the best, we go back to ancient times, with no telephone, television or computer. Robots could change our daily life at work, at home, but it is naturally that they ( or should I say "it" ) would never change human feelings, body warm, and open words from heart. AI it's just a program, designed to emulate human. In conclusion, I must say that everything in our world is changing not without the reason. If scientists are trying to create human social robots, it means that there is a requirement. It is complicated to decide we need AI or we don't, because it never be the same opinion about it in globally.


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Sau 17, 2016
"Informacijos neturime"
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