Are teenage years really the best years of your life?

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Teenagers often hear the phrase: “Your teenage years are the best years of your life.” and while your adolescence is a time for fun and adventure, it can also be quite complicated. From worrying about clothes to deciding your future, there are many drawbacks and benefits to this life stage, so today I will debunk this myth.

When you’re a child, the only things you have to worry about are missing the morning cartoons and bruising your knees, but the struggles teenagers face on a daily basis are much greater. The high expectations from parents and teachers fall on the already burdened shoulders of teenagers. It’s no wonder many of them get so stressed that their palms become sweaty and have anxiety attacks before taking tests, as our current education system is very demanding and not everyone can keep up with it and become as wise as an owl.

The teenage years also bring many changes, not only mentally and socially, but physically as well. A few of the disadvantages of puberty include pimples, growth spurts and voice changes. These changes can be exciting, but, because teenagers are already naturally emotional and more vulnerable, they can also negatively impact them and degrade their self worth. However, a more prevalent matter that factors into teenager’s low self esteem is bullying.


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