Speech about travelling and tourism

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Nowadays, travelling has become common to all sorts of people — tourists, students, politicians, businessmen and others. A tourist, for example, is interested in seeing places and observing the ways of other people in the world. Students go on educational tours with the intention of enriching their knowledge. Everyone who travels long distances, does so with some purpose.

Travelling has great educational value. First, seeing places with our own eyes leads to assimilation of knowledge. The scene directly witnessed and observed makes a deeper impression on our minds than what we read in a book. When we travel to other countries, we come across different cultures, different customs and habits and different manners. We learn not only about these but all about the modern advancements in those foreign land.

During our travels, we come across many kinds of people, speaking different languages and having a different set of beliefs, and we learn to move with such people. Travelling, therefore, reinforces a friendship between people of different regions of our country. We probably learn other languages, which is an advantage.



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Rgp 22, 2017
2017 m.
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