What Needs, According to Jib Fowles Theory of 15 Basic Appeals, “Camel” Cigarettes Tried to Appeal During the Period of 1981-2003?

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This analysis focuses on “R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company” and its’ “Camel” cigarettes brand advertising, as it is one of the biggest companies in the United States. Three posters from 1981, 1988 and 2003 were analysed by using Jib Fowles (1982) essay “Advertisings’ Fifteen Basic Appeals”, which suggests a list of appeals, which can be identified almost in every advertisement. In 1981 advertisement focuses on men and their need to escape from the whole world and need for autonomy. In 1988 a new character of Joe Camel was created, as trying to appeal to peoples’ need to achieve and dominate. In 2003 women becomes target audience and advertisement tries to show how powerful and attractive they can be, as appealing to the need to dominate and the need for prominence. These three “Camel” printed advertisements have some difference, however, they are also very similar in particular aspects.

Keywords: “Camel“ cigarettes, need to escape, need to dominate, advertisements.


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Lie 3, 2018
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