‘Integrity has no need of rules

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‘Integrity has no need of rules‘ – Albert Camus once said. Firstly let’s make clear what integrity means. As a dictionary say it’s adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. I believe that it’s a need of being responsible of your acts. But what it actually means? Why is that so important in our society and it doesn’t even need any rules? In this speech I’m going to show you that.

First of all, you always get reward for being honest. Few days ago I read one story. Tom, a hotel worker, could not afford a computer for his son, who desperately needed one for school. At the end of a hotel event when everyone was gone, Tom discovered a laptop had been left behind. He waited awhile, and no one came back. No one would know he took it. No cameras were in the area, and no other workers were around. Tom knew it was wrong to steal, but isn't helping your son a righteous thing? He decided to take the computer. As he went to grab it, his values and his boss' words about always doing what's right kicked in. Tom turned in the computer to his boss. Later that day, Tom received a $1,000 check from the owner of laptop and also was promoted to supervisor. Tom's son had a new computer that night. So, what we can see from the story, honestly helped Tom to get a computer for his son. If he would have been taken laptop after event, maybe he not only lost stolen computer, but also would be fired.


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Lie 26, 2018
"Informacijos neturime"
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Integrity has no need of rules

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