Does violence shown in films affect children and young adults?

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Bam! Spiff! Splat! These are several words that people hear from various films when they watch it. There is a multitude of its types, for instance, comedy, horror and so on.  Also, not every sight can be beneficial because over 60 percent of films are included by violence.  Above all, it is important to bear in mind that the majority of young people, especially children, can be affected by brutality shown in movies. This essay will discuss films’ cruelty impact in youngsters lifestyle.

On the one hand, all cruelty saw from films can affect children negatively because it increases aggressive children behavior and makes them believe the world is a worse place than it is really. Take as an example young people who harm others for no reason. Firstly, it is because youngsters think they act normally. Moreover, it is sad but true that the mostly impacted ones can commit assassinations in order to feel what movies’ heroes feel. All things considered, too many violence in films can cause damage to young souls as it displayed as normal and positive actions.


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Lap 21, 2018
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