How do these folktales represent the culture of the countries (India & Middle East)?

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When you were a child did your parents ever tell you stories about various cultures or values? There is a big chance that they were telling you a folktale which is a story passed down usually by word of mouth but often written down. It teaches a valuable life lessons while entertaining the reader or in some cases the listener. This essay will give examples of three folktales and go into depth on how they represent India and Middle East cultures.

Firstly, one of the best folktales I have ever read is about ant Arabic girl, told by Aaron Shepard. It has an interesting topic and also represents many details of the Arabic culture. The small preview is that there are living two girls, one of them is Arabic slave. Accidentaly, the slave introduces with the restaurant owner, did a multitude of jokes to him. After that he wants to kill her, but at the end, they fall in love and live a beautiful life together. Moving on to the next point it gives a multitude of details of Arabic culture. Arabian women live in guarded harems, which are upstairs and only males family members can come here. These women servants are usually female slaves from other lands. In addition, women have to wear veils. This kind of slavery isn’t as harsh as in other cultures, these slaves are treated well and usually freed and marry Turkish husbands. All things considered, folktale about an Arabic girl represents Arabic culture really exhaustively.


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