From a Cracking Façade to a Total Escape: Maladaptive Perfectionism and Suicide

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Perfectionism is often defined as ‘‘the setting and maintaining of unrealistically high standards and expectations, critical evaluations of performance etc.’’. Hamachek distinguished between normal (adaptive) and neurotic (maladaptive) perfectionism. Adaptive perfectionists tend to evaluate their performances in terms of strict ideal standards but do not engage in ongoing negative self-appraisal and have flexible strategies for coping with adversities. They learn from their mistakes and defeats. Maladaptive perfectionists, on the other hand, evaluate themselves according to high ideal standards while constantly being engaged in self-doubt and negative self-appraisal, and thus being less able to cope with defeats.

Current study.

Procedure. Chief municipal medical officers (CMOs) in all municipalities of the seven counties with the highest suicide rates in Norway in 2003 were asked to identify suitable cases of suicide. The suicide deaths took place in 2005–2009. Suicide cases with a history of suicide attempts and/or treatment in mental health services were excluded, and the names and addresses of the next of kin were provided. Upon receiving consent, the interviewer phoned the next of kin and arranged a time and place for the interview. Informants were asked to provide suicide notes if available. Five to nine informants were included in each case.


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Spa 8, 2019
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