How successful do you think Orwell was in fusing political purpose and artistic purpose in Animal Farm?

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         Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell and published in August 17, 1945. Orwell wished to show allegorical fable. The fable is the animals in the story, which is the artistic purpose and the allegory, which represents the Russian revolution in 1917 and the life afterwards under Stalin, is the political purpose. In this essay I am going to discuss how the Russian Revolution erupted and what happened after that and, how this relates to animal farm and animalism.

      The Russian Revolution got inspired from Karl Marx. The pig, Old Major is allegory of Karl Marx. Old Major use to tell stories how life was good without humans and that gave other animals opportunity to think and rebel against people, after he dies. In 1848 Karl Marx he wrote and published “The Communist Manifesto” ,  years after that Russian revolution did erupt. Karl Marx started communism in Russia and Old Major animalism on Animal farm. Karl Marx died before the russian revolution started as well as Old Major before animalism started. Leon Trotsky was the Marxist revolutionary and soviet politician.


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