Study of Shakespeare´s tragedy ¨The Tempest¨

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The Tempest tells a story involving an unfair act, the usurpation of Prospero’s throne by his brother. For this reason he tries to restablish justice by taking the power. However, the idea of justice seems very subjective, since this idea represents one character's point of view, who controls the fate of all the other characters. So we can say that Shakespeare in many ways brings these earlier ideas together in one work, The Tempest, which can be defined as a culmination of Shakespeare's earlier works


The Tempest is generally regarded as Shakespeare´s last play, first performed in 1611 for King James l and again for marriage ceremony of Elizabeth, the King´s daughter.

It belongs to the genre of Elizabethan romance plays. It combines elements of tragedy such as Prospero´s revenge with those of romantic comedy like the young lovers Miranda and Ferdinand.

The play treats themes of forgiviness and it´s set in a fairy-tale atmosphere of a magical island, magic powers and spirits

The Tempest is one of the most difficult to stage of all Shakespeare´s plays, since it is the most difficult to interpret.

It start with the love story between Miranda and Ferdinand and then there are a story of two younger brothers, who covet their older brothers´s titles and possesions.

Finally, there is story of Caliban´s plan to murder Prospero.

The Tempest is written in verse, using iambing pentameters to create a rhytm and it includes prose passages.


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