Can renewable energy stop global warming?

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Becoming society that uses only renewable energy is one of the most important milestones for humanity, as it could provide infinite energy by using natural powers of earth and sun. Despite sustainable energy advantages over non-sustainable power sources, it still comes at the huge cost of exploitation and construction, lack of empty territory for construction of renewable energy generators. One of the examples is solar panels, for solar panels to work effectively, they should be placed on unclouded and sunny territory, in addition there would need to be an array of solar panels to collect at least 6 Kilowatts of power. Although, the prospect of using renewable energy, is promising in a long run despite the fact that, earths climate change is caused not only by power production, but many other causes . What are the causes and consequences of global warming and what is the true prospective of renewable energy?

Literatūros sąrašas

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