What to see in Lithuania

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Aprašomos Lietuvos vietovės labai smulkmeniškai. Istoriniai miestai, religinės tematikos vietos, miesteliai, pilys, muziejai, jų rūšys ir garsiausių muziejų aprašymas. Populiariausi maršrutai kelionei Lietuvoje. Darbas ištaisytas ir puikiai įvertintas


Lithuania lures most visitors with its old towns, pristine nature, and religious buildings.

Historic cities are the Lithuania's prime destinations. The top three can be seen during a weekend break. Vilnius Old Town is famous for its Baroque churches and capital atmosphere. Kaunas claims to be a treasure trove of early modern architecture, surrounded by one of Europe's largest fortification systems. Seaside Klaipėda boasts pretty beaches and lots of picturesque German and Lutheran heritage.

Natural sights in Lithuania are undoubtedly crowned by the Curonian Spit "the Lithuanian Sahara". Vast pristine areas of forests, lakes, rivers and wooden villages in the other four National Parks may be less stunning, but equally rewarding, offering "close-to-nature" tourism opportunities.

While Lithuanian towns may seem dull at first sight, one can find historic or unique gems among them. Massive churches and historic manors are the prime sights, but a few particular towns offer more than that.

Catholic faith has defined Lithuanian culture, and many religious sights are especially impressive. Lithuanian wooden crosses are UNESCO-recognized art, with the Hill of Crosses, a world-famous sight. There are also wayside chapels and cute-to-splendid churches adorning the entire country.

Lithuania stood in the middle of every major European war, leaving formidable castles, fortresses and installations. Trakai Medieval Castle reminds of the Crusader-Pagan battles, Kaunas Fortress is a World War 1 heritage while Samogitian forests hide Cold War nuclear missile silos (a storage place).

Though many smaller Lithuanian museums lack modernity, the few major museums are worth a visit to understand Lithuania. Most popular are the ethnographic museums (esp. Rumšiškės) and art museums.

With an extremely diverse history, Lithuania is a great place for specific itineraries.

Cities of Lithuania: Long an agricultural society, Lithuania nevertheless has several larger cities.


  • PART I (pirma dalis) :Historic cities, Natural sights, Lithuanian towns, Religious sites
  • PART II: Towns of Lithuania, Castles and fortresses in Lithuania, Medieval brick castles
  • PART III: Museums of Lithuania (Ethnographic museums , Museums of genocide and resistance , Thematic museums , Memorial museums ) , Popular itineraries in Lithuania


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