Stories of the prophets in the Qur’ān

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                   “The Tales of the prophets in Islam provides a history of the world from creation to the year of Muhammad’s birth” (Rippin 2006, 342). Prophets are bringers of a divine that Muslims believe were sent by God to every people, who brings God's message or instructions what to do or not to do in a language they could understand and listen. Knowledge of the Islamic prophets to Muslims is one of the six main beliefs. Stories of the Prophets in the Qu’ran” It opens with several chapters on the creation, divided into earth, heavens etc., closes with description of two battles that took place shortly before the time of Muhammad and in between gives a chronologically arranged series of biographies; it includes the tales of all the pre-Islamic historical figures mentioned, alluded to, or suggested by the text of the Qu’ran. The vast majority of the forty-six biographies given are introduced through a Quranic passage; thus Quranic verses provide the framework for almost all of the tales” (2006, 342).

                The purpose of the individual research assignment is: to find out how many prophets was in a history of prophets in Islam, how they were changing, who they were, what their story is and what similarities we can found between these stories.


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