Review of topics from ,,State-of-the-art in work and organizational psychology“ (WOP) course.

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State-of-the-art in work and organizational psychology (WOP) course presents the psychological perspectives on the employment relationship. Students are exploring appropriate literature and discussing the main concepts: psychological contract, leadership, social exchange theory. WOP course students are analyzing the dynamics in the match between employee and employer expectations with respect and to career development and employability. At the end of the course students have knowledge about the main topics related to psychosocial approach to work, organizations and human resources practices. As well, in the course practical tasks are included, so at the end students are able to apply methods and practical implications. Employment relationship is one of the most important aspects of reaching organizational effectiveness, profit and performance. Course provides beneficial knowledge, which lets to create, maintain and improve employment relationships and to reach organizational aims.

In this essay, I would like to talk about the main topics of the WOP course. I would like to show my gained knowledge in this course, by reviewing the articles, which were discussed during the lessons. I will try to answer the questions about some aspects, which could influence work behavior, work relationships and what factors refer to employee’s success in a work field?


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Vas 13, 2020
2017 m.
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