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Critical analysis of Elizabeth l speech against the Spanish Armada

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   More than four centuries ago (16th century) two fleets broke out in English territorial waters in the channel of England. Catholic Spain entered against Protestant England. It was one of the many conflicts between the Queen of England Protestant Elizabeth l and the Catholic king of Spain Philip ll. English pirates have been plundering Spanish ships for many years, another important reason for the clash was that Elizabeth l has been a supporter of Netherland rebellion against the Spanish government. Moreover, Philip ll felt necessary to help Catholics to “get rid” themselves of the spreading Protestantism in England. As a result, he prepared an enormous fleet of warships known as the Spanish Armada and entered into the England channel.

  The Queen of England Elizabeth presented herself how a powerful and authoritative orator by her political speech given on the battlefield, at Tilbury Camp, Essex on the 19th of August in 1588. The speech was considered one of the greatest speeches in history. 

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