Study of Shakespeare´s comedy ¨As You Like It¨

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  Orlando, the youngest son of the now deceased Sir Rowland de Boys, complains that his older brother Oliver is keeping the inheritance from him – the inheritance which is that Oliver is neglecting to train Orlando to be a proper gentleman. Orlando later intends to challenge Duke Fredrick’s champion wrestler Charles in a match, and Oliver convinces Charles to try and kill Orlando. At the wrestling match, Duke Fredrick brings along his daughter Celia and niece Rosalind. Orlando defeats Charles and at first Duke Fredrick is civil, but then becomes furious when it is discovered that Orlando is the son of de Boys – Fredrick’s once enemy. At the ducal palace, we discover Rosalind is the daughter of Duke Senior, whose throne was taken by his brother Fredrick. Fredrick banished Duke Senior years prior into the Forest of Arden. After the wrestling match, Fredrick accuses Rosalind of plotting against him and banishes her as well. Rosalind disguises herself as a man, Ganymede, and Celia decides to join her disguised as Aliena on their journey to the Forest of Arden. When Orlando returns home after the match, he discovers Oliver is planning to kill him and escapes to the Forest of Arden as well. When Fredrick discovers Celia is missing and then hears of Orlando disappearing mysteriously as well, he assumes Orlando is up to this and sends his men out to search for Orlando, threatening to take Orlando’s estate if not returned. Orlando joins Duke Senior in the forest and Rosalind and Celia, still in disguise, settle down in a cottage. After discovering Orlando is in love with Rosalind, “Ganymede” pleases Orlando by pretending to be Rosalind and curing him of his “love sickness”. While pretending to be Ganymede, Rosalind falls into a love triangle. A woman named Phebe falls in love with Ganymede instead of Silvius – Silvius is in love with Phebe. Then, Oliver shows up completely changed. While looking for his brother, Oliver was almost attacked by a lioness. However, Orlando killed the lioness and restored the relationship between the brothers. Then Oliver and Celia meet and fall in love at first sight. Duke Fredrick, alarmed by hearing about the exodus of his men to join the new alliance forming in the Forest of Arden, sets out to put an end to this nonsense himself. However, at the forest’s edge, he is met by a religious hermit and is converted. At the end of the story, Rosalind reverts from being Ganymede and married Orlando, Oliver marries Celia, and Rosalind’s father – Duke Senior – is returned to ducal status. Duke Fredrick continues his new religious conversion.


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