Why secularism became a problem in India in 1980s? Please explain how these problems were expressed on practical-political level, and give some examples how the crisis evolved

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In India religion has always been at the centre stage. The secularism here was never conceived as indifference, much less antagonism, to religion. Secularism was conceived as a philosophy giving equal respect to all religions including regional faith traditions.

Indian secularism has faced to problems. Like national, functional or violence issues. The national or functional mean that the state is combined into two stages. Main problem is functional. The government is formed by a political party. For more or less 40 years after independence the Congress continued to rule and under Nehru Congress remained firmly committed to secularism but even under Nehru, it faced severe problems as other congress leaders were not so categorically committed and had quite ambiguous and some of them even communally inclined attitude. This reversal of Supreme Court judgment in one case and total and deliberate non-action to save Babri Masjid seriously compromised Indian secularism and it proved that Indian Government does not act firmly on secular principles but yields to all sorts of pressures and takes opportunist stand. It never wishes to send strong and principled message by taking firm stand on crucial matters and does not mind at all displaying its weakness and opportunism for the sake of power.


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